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  • School branded PE shirts

    You can purchase the school branded PE shirts for all house colours at the school. The shirts are made of high quality, breathable fabric to help your child feel comfortable during exercise and other PE sessions. The shirts are available in Green, Yellow, Red and Blue with the school badge emblazoned on the left. The school colors would be worn during PE sessions and organized sport events. Contact the school to get yours now. All colors are available in multiple sizes that will fit your child.

  • Boosting water confidence

    See photos below from fun swimming activities at the school.

  • The school uniform

    You can see a sample of the school uniform from the photo.

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  • Learning | DAWN International School | Sierra Leone

    The School Curriculum Children learn through investigation, direct instruction, and collaboration. Using the guidelines of the Cambridge Primary Programme and the Sierra Leone National Education Curriculum which we introduced in September 2019, we provide a broad and balanced curriculum to develop the full potential of every child. Each day in the primary school, there are dedicated Mathematics and English lessons for a minimum of five one-hour lessons each week and science for two hours per week. Together, these three subjects are the Core Subjects - in recognition of their importance in all other areas of learning. In addition, the curriculum also encompasses foundation subjects: Arts, Humanities/Social Studies, Physical Education, French and Music. CO-Curricular Activities At DAWN, we aim to educate the whole child and we value formal and informal learning that enable children to explore and find new strengths. Each term, we offer a range of clubs which are sports and arts based.and we value formal and informal learning that enable children to explore and find new strengths. Each term, we offer a range of clubs which are sports and arts based.

  • Contact Us | DAWN International School | Sierra Leone

    ADDRESS 9 First Bango Farm, Off Peninsular Rd., Adonkia, Goderich, Sierra Leone, Western Area Rural OPEN HOURS School: Mon - Fri 8:00AM 3:00PM Administration: Mon - Fri 8:00AM - 4:30PM Parents can be seen after 4:30 MOBILE/EMAIL ADDRESS Administrative Secretary +232 79 206256/+232 30 020113 SEND US A MESSAGE Thanks! Message sent. >> Send >> DIRECTIONS Coming from Lumley, you will find 1st Bango Farm on the right just after the Emergency hospital. It is the second junction after the hospital. You can easily spot the school signboard at the junction. Make a right turn and drive about 230 meters (a three-minute walk). The school is on the left. You will spot the school fence brightly painted green, white and blue (see photo). ​ You can also refer to the map for direction.

  • About Us | DAWN International School | Sierra Leone

    Our MISSION We provide a school environment which is caring, secure, healthy & orderly, where every student is valued, respected and encouraged to develop his/her self-esteem. Our students are given opportunity to solve problems through critical thinking, reflection & evaluation. Academic and support staff work collaboratively and independently to produce quality results that reflect personal pride and responsibility. We are forward looking and promoters of positive change. Our VISION We are a school with a nurturing and multicultural environment committed to providing optimal learning opportunities for every student to achieve, at his/her functional level, academic excellence, and develop values, attitudes and characters for responsible and productive citizenship in a fast changing world. Our VALUES Our values drive everything we do. They are central to the way we learn, develop character and relate to others. Learn More A MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR Battu Beatrice Jambawai is a former teacher and staff of the United Nations. THE DIRECTOR Welcome to DAWN International School Sierra Leone In September 2020, Dawn International School, Freetown Sierra Leone will be celebrating its second birthday! A lot has happened since September 2018. In our first year we offered only the international curriculum but by the second year we introduced the Sierra Leone National Curriculum as a result of popular requests. We are now offering the British International Curriculum and Sierra Leone National Curriculum from year I to VI. By the grace of God we will have Junior Secondary I in the Sierra Leone National Curriculum in September. Our children and their parents have cherished the school environment, staff and our way of imparting knowledge. We praise, thank and glorify our God and Father who has brought us so far! Like all other schools in Sierra Leone, we could not complete the academic year due to the outburst of Covid-19. The school was preparing for its first Inter-House Sports when the index case of Covid-19 was announced in Freetown causing the Government of Sierra Leone to order closure of schools on the 31 March 2020. Our children have not resumed regular classes since them. In June we started giving them assignments to keep them engaged until end of July while we await government announcement regarding reopening of schools. We cannot wait to start school again. As we prepare to return to school, we should all, that is students, teachers, support staff, parents and guardians be ready for the new ways of doing things. For instance the children and staff are going to wear face masks most of the time while they are indoors and we will reduce the play time to minimize physical contacts among the children. We started hand washing and temperatures recording before we closed in March. These practices will be more intensive in the new term until we put Covid-19 behind us. Since our school is very new and small we do not have the challenge of overcrowding. We have a safe and conducive learning environment for your child, very dedicated staff members and several support services including a sick bay with a trained and qualified Nurse and school breakfast and lunch. ​ Registration is now in progress and there are places for pre-school, Cambridge Year I to V and Sierra Leone Education Curriculum Prep I –VI. Relevant materials and pieces of information including admissions and medical forms, direction to the school, fee structures and uniforms are available on this website. You can also visit the school Monday to Friday from 01 July 2020 for further information. Yours faithfully Battu Beatrice Jambawai Director OUR VALUES The individual differences that make each child unique The common bonds that build a strong and vibrant community High achievement in learning and conduct Self-discipline and taking responsibility for our decisions Integrity and trustworthiness in all our dealings Diligence and persistence TEACH YOUR CHILD THE SCHOOL SONG DAWN School Song - Vocals 00:00 / 00:00 Chorus: Oh Dawn Inter, Dawn Inter National School With equal opportunity For boys and girls (X2) 1. It’s new dawn It’s a new day With guidance of parents and teachers We strive to achieve academic excellence And develop great values To build a brighter tomorrow! ​ (Chorus) ​ 2. It’s a new dawn It’s a new day Our teachers and parents motivate us We care for each other and environment And our country Sierra Leone So bless us God and guide us! ​ (Chorus) ​ Oh Dawn Inter, Dawn Inter National School With equal opportunity For boys and girls (X2)

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