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  • School branded PE shirts

    You can purchase the school branded PE shirts for all house colours at the school. The shirts are made of high quality, breathable fabric to help your child feel comfortable during exercise and other PE sessions. The shirts are available in Green, Yellow, Red and Blue with the school badge emblazoned on the left. The school colors would be worn during PE sessions and organized sport events. Contact the school to get yours now. All colors are available in multiple sizes that will fit your child.

  • Boosting water confidence

    See photos below from fun swimming activities at the school.

  • The school uniform

    You can see a sample of the school uniform from the photo.

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  • Parents | DAWN International School | Sierra Leone

    Home-School Partnership We believe that children thrive in an environment that works closely with their family. At DAWN International school we work in partnership with parents and guardians to ensure there is regular communication and collaboration between home and school. Communication: Parents are welcome to see the teachers informally at the end of the school day or to contact the teachers through the Pupil’s Diary with comments and concerns. Each term, parents will be invited to Contact Day which gives parents opportunity to find out how their child is progressing. Written reports are issued each term. Public Holidays 2023 Announcements Jan 26, 2019 1 min School branded PE shirts Jan 26, 2019 1 min Boosting water confidence

  • DAWN International School | Goderich, Sierra Leone

    Ensuring an international education within reach . Learning September 2020 intake start date will be announced . Admissions Don't miss announcements and events . Announcement Beautiful photos from school activities . Gallery Welcome to DAWN International School As the DAWN marks the beginning of a new day, DAWN International School is established to meet the growing need for the rigorous and creative education that children need in a fast changing world. DAWN will open its doors to our continuing students and new intake of children in September 2020. To the new students, we look forward to meeting your family and introducing you to a school which offers value driven education and a strong emphasis on each child’s progress. ​ The school simultaneously runs the Sierra Leone National Education and the guidelines of the Cambridge Examinations International Education (CEIE) curricula. The two curricula aim to provide a solid foundation of key skills delivered through active learning and well structured curricula. We have places for children for the following: ​ Pre-school: 18 months - 03 years Sierra Leone National Education Curriculum: Prep I – Junior Secondary I Cambridge International Education Year I V ​ With our intentionally affordable fee-level, DAWN ensures an international education within reach. ENROL YOUR CHILD OFFERING SIERRA LEONE CURRICULUM & CAMBRIDGE EDUCATION PROGRAMMES LINKS/QUOTES/PHOTOS Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ​ -Nelson Mandela ​Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow. -Anthony J. D’Angelo Gallery Like our Facebook page @DAWNintschoosl Follow us on Twitter @DAWNintschoolsl Download forms here Admissions Form | Medical Form LATEST NEWS School branded PE shirts Boosting water confidence The school uniform All News

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