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Ensuring an international education within reach.

September 2020 intake start date will be announced.

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Welcome to DAWN International School

As the DAWN marks the beginning of a new day, DAWN International School is established to meet the growing need for the rigorous and creative education that children need in a fast changing world.


DAWN will open its doors to our continuing students and new intake of children in September 2020. To the new students, we look forward to meeting your family and introducing you to a school which offers value driven education and a strong emphasis on each child’s progress.

The school simultaneously runs the Sierra Leone National Education and the guidelines of the Cambridge Examinations International Education (CEIE) curricula. The two curricula aim to provide a solid foundation of key skills delivered through active learning and well structured curricula. We have places for children for the following:

  1. Pre-school: 18 months - 03 years

  2. Sierra Leone National Education Curriculum: Prep I – Junior Secondary I

  3. Cambridge International Education Year I V

With our intentionally affordable fee-level, DAWN ensures an international education within reach.

DAWN International School (E17)



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